Drain Unblocking Services

Are you looking for drain unblocking experts in Glasgow? At Origin, we are able to unblock and clear your drains using our professional drainage equipment. At least once in your lifetime, you will experience a blocked drain within your household. Whether it’d be your toilet, sink or your outdoor drainage system, a blocked drain can cause many complications throughout your home.

If left untreated, this can cause unpleasant smells to linger around your home, causing sewage to overfill leading to foul water spillages. If you require an emergency plumber, get in touch with us today. We are available 24/7 days a week and can provide you with the greatest drainage services in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. 

What Causes A Blocked Drain?

Blockages in drains are more common than you think in the average household. They happen as a result of residue buildup over time, such as food particles or substance particles. When the residue reaches the point that it affects the flow of running water, an obstruction occurs. This is why you should address early signs of blocked drains as soon as possible.

Most major problems can be as simple as a blocked sink to as complex as a new drainage system. When a drain malfunctions, you may have to spend more money resolving the issue rather than preventing it in the first place. If, for example, your wastewater pipes become completely blocked, your dishwasher and washing machine will not be able to discharge the unclean water.

There could be many different reasons why your drains are blocked. These reasons may be :

  • Shampoo, Soaps and other unwanted substances – As soap and shampoo scum buildup accumulates, mineral and calcification deposits in water can cause a blockage over time due to the fats and oils in the cleansers. As a result of this, the showers and baths won’t drain, leaving stale water that will be ripe with bacteria.
  • Trapped Hair – A very common cause. Can sometimes be removed by using a drainage rod to continuously fish out the hair causing the clog.
  • Food & Oils – When food particles are trapped between the lining of pipes, grease causes blockages to become particularly messy, causing your pipes. Cooking oil is another reason why your kitchen sink is blocked.
  • Toilet Paper & Baby Wipes – As the paper is broken down, smaller particles can build up into a large mass, which can lead to a blockage.
  • Dirt, Grime & Sediment – These things are likely to cause blockages in both shower and washing machine drains. The main cause of this type of blockage is unpredictable as both dirt and grime can naturally build up over time. However, if your water has high mineral content, this causes grime to gradually build up causing the water flow to be affected.
  • External Items Getting Into Drains – Things as small as stones, leaves and debris can cause drain blockage.
  • Damaged Pipes – The pipes themselves can break down over time, resulting in blockages and leaks.
  • External Drains Affected By Soil & Tree Roots – Drains can become damaged by soil movement or growing tree roots.

Regardless of the cause of your blocked drain, we ensure that we will locate the problem and clear/unblock the pipes to a high standard. We use the latest equipment to clear your pipes quickly and at a fair, competitive price. Contact us now

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What Causes A Toilet To Block?

There are many reasons why your toilet has suddenly become blocked. The 4 most common causes of a clogged toilet are: Hard Water – water that has high mineral content can cause damaged pipes and stop your toilet from functioning properly. Foreign Objects – Unwanted objects such as cotton balls, baby wipes etc. Worn Pipes – Damaged pipes are caused by heavy rain, and wear and tear can affect your toilet. 

Toilet Paper – Too much toilet paper can clog your toilet causing it to overflow which can cause more damage to your pipes if left untreated.Cleaning products from a hardware store can be used to clear some small blockages. If the chemicals are used promptly, they can dissolve grease and hair effectively. However, if this does not work, you should hire a professional. Leaving the blockage untreated for a long time can cause it to build up, making it more difficult and expensive to fix.

Does Your Drain Need Cleaning? We’ve Got You Covered.

The horrible smell of a blocked sewer pipe is not something that needs to be described in detail. Blocked sewer pipes are very uncomfortable, and their blocking should be avoided.

Sanitary and sanity depend on working toilets. If water is channelled into the wrong place, it can cause tremendous damage to your property. Roof gutters, downpipes, and table drain remove rainwater by facilitating the drainage of rainwater.

How To Tell If You’re Drains Need Cleaning

There are many signs that your drainage system needs a cleaning. The 4 main symptoms are:Strange Noises – Whenever you hear them emit unusual noises, they need to be cleaned.
Slow Drainage – If your sink or bathtub is draining slowly, or your dishwasher isn’t draining the water, take this as a sign.
Water Backing Up – The toilets may gurgle when you flush them, as well as sinks, bathtubs, and showers that have standing water.
Sewage Smell –  Drains that become clogged with waste will cause waste to build up and fester in the pipes.

Emergency Blocked Drain Repairs

There are times when plumbing emergencies occur. At Origin, we offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services to address any plumbing issue you may have at your home, whether it is an issue with your pipes or your water heater. If you are experiencing any drainage issues we can take care of them for you, in all of Glasgow.

Whenever you have an emergency plumbing problem, just contact us and we’ll come to your home to fix it.  If you are a homeowner in Glasgow and the surrounding areas and need your drains cleaned, Origin GPH can do it for you – contact us for a quote. Drains can be dirty, sometimes messy, and take considerable effort to clean. It is simple: Don’t do it yourself. Let us do the work for you. Contact us now