Shower Upgrades and Repairs in Glasgow

In our homes, our showers are a key part of a daily routine. An upgraded shower can not only improve the overall look of your bathroom, but it can make showers a lot more pleasant, and can also help you reduce water consumption and lower water bills thanks to them operating much more efficiently.

If you have any issues with your current shower fixtures, or would just like to upgrade what you currently have, Origin is here to help. Our team of expert plumbing engineers are not only suited to repairing broken toilets, burst pipes and replacing shower taps, but we’re also able to repair and upgrade the shower fixtures within all Glasgow homes.

Origin features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions throughout Glasgow. Call us today on 0141 432 0010 for a free quote and special savings!

Our Expert Plumbers

If you’re looking for a shower over your bath, a separate cubicle, or the latest hi-tech shower towers – we’re here to help. We’ll be able to provide you with a quick and simple quote based on what you want, with our rates being extremely competitive and our work being of the highest quality.

We can schedule the work to be completed at your convenience and your dream bathroom will be a step closer. NHS workers get a 20% discount on all our work. If you work for the NHS, remember to let us know so we can apply your special offer to our quote.

Get in touch with us today for a quote on repairing or replacing your showers/taps!

Tap Repairs and Installations in Glasgow

A broken tap can be an enormous inconvenience, especially if it’s continuously leaking/dripping. This is a massive waste of water, which will lead to increases in utility bills, as well as a huge headache. It’s important to ensure that this is treated as a plumbing emergency, and is dealt with immediately by an expert. Any repairs should be done quickly, as it’s likely to get worse if it’s just left to the side.

Our team of expert plumbing engineers can quickly repair a stuck or completely broken tap. All of our engineers carry a wide range of parts and can get a worn-out tap back in full working order straight away.

On top of being able to repair faulty taps, we’re also on hand to install new taps within homes across the Glasgow area. A new set of taps can be a big part of a bathroom refurbishment project, with it being a cost-effective way of giving your bathroom an inexpensive facelift.

If you require an emergency repair, or would just like an upgrade – get in touch with us for any tap repairs or replacements in Glasgow!

Let us deal with all your burst pipe, emergency and regular plumbing needs. Keep our number handy and we promise a fast response and an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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