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At Origin, we’re your trusted partners for seamless servicing of your gas and regular boilers. Say goodbye to hassles – we’re here to make the entire process smoother and faster, ensuring an efficient experience for you.

Ready for a stress-free boiler repair?  Request a callback in just one minute to schedule your appointment and experience prompt fixes for your gas boiler. Your comfort is our priority – let’s get your boiler back in action!

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Discover Exceptional Boiler Brands at Origin

We offer a diverse range of high-quality boilers from renowned brands such as Baxi, Potterton, Vokera, and Worcester Bosch. Our advanced condensing boilers not only provide efficient heating for your radiators but also deliver hot water with optimal performance. You can have peace of mind knowing that our approved heating engineers will install these boilers, backed by extended warranties, ensuring your complete satisfaction. 

Experience peace of mind with Origin – we prioritise your satisfaction. And in the rare event of a boiler breakdown, count on our swift repairs to get your heating system up and running in no time.

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Boiler? 

Six signs it might be time for a boiler replacement:

  • Persistent Cold Rooms: If your spaces are consistently chilly.
  • Strange Smells: Unusual odours could signal a problem.
  • Ageing Boiler: If your boiler has seen better days.
  • Slow Heating Radiators: Delayed warmth from your radiators.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: If your boiler keeps letting you down.
  • Yellow Flame: A yellow flame in your boiler is a warning sign.

Always be vigilant for any unnoticed issues, particularly if you’re uncertain about your boiler’s age. At Origin, we specialise in the care of various heating systems, including electric and LPG boilers, guaranteeing optimal functionality.


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Gas Safe Registered for Your Peace of Mind

At Origin, we take your safety seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we are Gas Safe registered, ensuring top-notch expertise in handling all your gas-related needs.

What Does Gas Safe Registration Mean for You?

  • Expertise You Can Trust: Our team boasts the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle gas-related services with the utmost precision.
  • Compliance Assurance: Being Gas Safe registered means we adhere to the highest safety standards, giving you peace of mind.
  • Your Partner in Safety: Whether it’s installations, repairs, or maintenance, we prioritise safety at every step, ensuring your home or business is in reliable hands.
Gas Safe Registered for Your Peace of Mind


ServiceMonday to Friday (7:30AM – 6:30PM)
Boiler Repair£00
ServiceMonday to Friday (7:30AM – 6:30PM)
Boiler Service£00
Landlord Gas Certificate£00
ServiceMonday to Friday (7:30AM – 6:30PM)
Radiators (like for like)£000
Smart Wireless£000
Zone Valve Replacement£000
Central Heating Pumps£000

Common Boiler Repair Issues

Every day, we encounter common issues that could be signs that your boiler requires repair. If you suspect that your boiler is not functioning correctly due to any of the following problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If your radiators are not getting hot, or if you’re not getting any hot water from your taps or shower, this could indicate a problem with your boiler’s heat exchanger or pump.

Rattling, banging or other unusual noises coming from your boiler may be a sign of a problem with the pump, fan or heat exchanger.

If your boiler’s pilot light won’t light or keeps going out, this could indicate a problem with the thermo couple or gas valve.

A drop in your boiler’s pressure could be caused by a leak in the system or an issue with the pressure relief valve.

In colder weather, the condensate pipe that carries waste water from your boiler to the drain outside can freeze over, causing your boiler to shut down.

If your heating system won’t respond to changes in your thermostat settings, it could be a problem with the thermostat itself, or with the wiring connecting it to your boiler.

A leak in your boiler could be caused by a damaged seal, a corroded pipe, or a faulty pressure relief valve.

If your boiler keeps switching off before it reaches the desired temperature, it could be a sign of a faulty thermostat, pressure sensor or pump.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yearly boiler servicing is crucial for optimal performance. A qualified engineer ensures everything works, makes repairs, and prevents leaks.

Boiler repairs require professional expertise. DIY attempts may lead to safety risks. Trust a qualified professional for reliable and safe boiler repairs.

Consult a gas heating expert to determine the ideal boiler size based on your house, radiators, hot water usage, and occupants. Trust the pros for a warm and efficient home in Glasgow!


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