Underfloor Heating Glasgow

Many of our customers are opting for energy-efficient underfloor heating installation. Underfloor heating is a modern way to keep a room warm. It’s an addition to the home that works especially well in bathrooms and ensuites, but can be of use anywhere. 

Unlike radiators, which heat the air around them, underfloor heating produces radiant heat. Radiators will heat the cold air surrounding them, rising back into the air, with there essentially being a circular flow, providing heat for the room, but ultimately leaving the floor to be the coldest part of the room. Underfloor heating generates heat from the floor level, offering far more of an even distribution of heat.

Fitting Underfloor Heating Systems

Boiler-fed underfloor heating systems need to be installed by a Gas Safe engineer, seeing as they use wet systems which use your gas boiler to heat water, which passes through the piping under the floor.  

At Origin, we’re experienced in fitting underfloor heating systems in homes, having done so across the Glasgow region. We’ll make sure that the job is done to a high standard and at a competitive price, all backed by a guarantee of our workmanship. We’re also experts in boiler installations and repairs, ensuring that your home is well-equipped for underfloor heating.

Why have underfloor heating installed?

Underfloor heating will warm the whole room, not just the floor – it’s an even heat that fills the space from corner to corner, as opposed to a more traditional radiator system which will ultimately provide a less even distribution of heat throughout the room. 

Cold areas are removed because the heat doesn’t come from one end of the room. You don’t need a radiator in a room that has underfloor heating, so you get a fuss-free look and more wall space – this works well for improving the decor of a room. This is a great feature if the space is a bit tight. And if you’re thinking of moving, it’s certainly a good selling point for your home.

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Can I have underfloor heating in my home?

This kind of heating will not be able to be fitted in every part of the home. It will not be able to go under a carpeted area, for example, as carpets trap the heat. In kitchens, the heating pipes shouldn’t be laid under the fridge or freezer, and floor cabinets should be avoided too. There are a variety of areas where it works very well though, all you need is some advice from our team to help you.

It’s best to have underfloor heating installed when you’re having a room renovated; ideal for bathroom refurbishments. This is because the existing floor will have to be removed and all the fixtures were taken out to make space. Once the system is installed, new flooring will be laid on top. Tiles, polished concrete and stone flooring works the best, because the heat spreads well through these materials. Get in touch with us, and we can survey your home to let you know what options will work best for you.


Usually, a boiler installation can cost anything from £1200 upwards. This will of course depend on the make and model. We also have flexible options to fit your budget and help you manage payments.

A brand new boiler can cost anything from £1700 upwards. New boilers in 2021 are cost and energy-efficient saving you more money in the long run. Contact us to understand more about your options and flexible payment plans.

Usually, the time it takes to fit a boiler is four hours.

Yes, flushing is necessary but for all our clients a chemical flush comes as standard.