Landlord Certificates And Gas Safety Checks

At Origin Gas, Plumbing and Heating we are qualified to issue landlord certificates in the Glasgow area. If you are a landlord and rent out property that has a gas appliance installed, you are legally required to have a gas safety check once every 12 months. You must hold a valid gas safety certificate, and make the paperwork available to tenants and managing agents to comply with regulations. Make sure you are compliant with current gas safety laws by calling us to schedule an inspection.

We can arrange the visit with tenants directly, or with agents to make the inspection as convenient as possible. We are customer service oriented and make sure we leave the property as we found it once the inspection is complete. If you have multiple properties in the Glasgow area, we are happy to be your go-to gas safety experts.

Who Needs A Landlord Certificate?

If you have property that is rented by tenants, you need a landlord certificate. The safety check is needed whether your property is rented permanently, temporarily or occasionally. Also, if only part of the property is let out, a certificate is still required. So if you have a lodger, you also need to be compliant.

Flats, houses, hostels, bed and breakfasts, bedsits, caravans and holiday homes all require a valid gas safety check. The appliances that need to be certified include gas boilers, gas fires, gas hobs and gas ovens. If the property does not have any gas, it will not need the gas safety check.

What is a landlord certificate?

To keep tenants safe, properties that are rented out are required to have gas appliances professionally checked once a year. The check must be carried out by a qualified, Gas Safe accredited engineer. The inspection ensures that all gas appliances in the property are safe to use, are located in a suitable location, are being used for the correct purpose and are properly ventilated.

At the end of an inspection, a certificate is issued for your records. If the appliances are deemed unsafe, our engineers will let you know how to rectify this most cost-effectively. We can complete the works to current safety guidelines if wanted. A safety check is not the same as a service, it is simply an inspection for safety. No landlord wants to be responsible for a gas failure, so keep your gas safety inspections up to date to prove you are providing safe appliances.

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