We understand that a broken boiler results in nothing but bad news for every homeowner, especially if it occurs during the winter months. However, issues always arise and sometimes the homeowners may be able to fix them. On the other hand, we always do recommend giving professionals like Origin a call just to be on the safe side and ensure everything runs smoothly. It is always a good idea to have an inclination towards the cause of the problem.

Here are 7 common boiler problems you may come across.

1. No Heat or Hot Water

It becomes very difficult when your boiler ceases to do the very opposite, which is providing your home without any heating or hot water. This issue can be caused by anything from a faulty valve, to a broken system and even low pressure within your boiler.

To determine whether this issue is caused by low pressure, you should check your gauge to see if it is below 1. If so you may need repressuring, however if it is caused by your thermostat check the devices manufacturer guide for a possible solution. If none can be found, we then recommend that you call your manufacturer for help.

2. Condensate Pipe Freezing

The second common problem is during the cold weather your pipe may freeze and can cause a blockage. This will then make the condentstate back up into the boiler and cause a shutdown. Your system is responsible for transporting the condensate from your boiler to your outside drain. During the colder seasons the condensate can freeze and cause a blockage to occur. This is particularly the reason for where your condensate pipe is fitted externally or if it’s in an unheated space such as a garage.

If you are having a problem with your boiler’s condensate pipe freezing up in winter. You can ask your heating engineer to install a thermal warming kit called a heat track condense pipe kit. Which then eliminates the problem of your pipes freezing.

3. Pilot Light Going Out

The older the boiler may have a permanent pilot light which needs to stay lit in order to light the larger burner within your boiler. This can imply that there is a faulty thermocouple that is cutting off the gas supply. Which means that there could be a build-up or a draught blowing the light out.

You could try to reignite the pilot light yourself if you are comfortable in doing so. If you do please follow the instructions in your boiler manual. Before you do this you should ensure that your gas stopcock is on and ensure there are no issues within your gas supply. You can check other gas appliances to confirm this. We recommend contacting a Gas Safe registered engineer to help solve this issue.


4. The Boiler Keeps Switching Off

One of the reasons for why your boiler keeps turning off may be due to error codes. Each boiler model comes with a range of error or fault codes, their manual should come with a list of these. As a result, when a code appears on your boiler this can refer to the manufacturers manual to identify the issue. They could also be shutting down randomly due to the low water pressure with the thermostat and air within the system. In order to fix this issue the best alternative to do is to call Origin today to help you fix the issue.

5. Strange Noises Coming From Your Boiler

Don’t be alarmed, it is normal for your boiler to be making noise whilst it’s in operation, especially if it’s just firing up. However if you realize that your boiler suddenly begins to make an unusual gurgling and banging noise we therefore recommend getting in touch with a qualified gas safe engineer. The noise can be caused by the air within the system, a faulty pump, low water pressure or even build up of limescale.

If you have any more questions about your boiler, Book your boiler repair today!

6. Leaks

A boiler leak can be caused by an issue within your internal component, such as the pressure valve or pump seal. If the leak stems from your pressure relief valve, it is less likely that your system’s pressure becomes too high. A leak that has been developed around the system pipes could be caused by corrosion.

There could also be an issue with the way your boiler has been installed. We always recommend that you should consult with a trained engineer to help identify and fix the issue. If the leak is caused by a serious fault, your engineer may recommend you to install a new boiler.

7. Radiator Faults

One of the most common problems that always pop up out of nowhere are radiator issues. Cold patches and other problems are usually caused by a buildup of air or sludge inside your radiators that can cause the heat to be distributed unequally. Cold patches are in different areas which can also indicate different kinds of issues. Find out more today just give us a call. A great deal of radiator issues can be resolved by bleeding the radiator, a simple task that you can undertake yourself.


All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and are fully qualified to diagnose and fix your central heating problems for you this winter.