What is a power flush you may ask? A power flush is a physical device used by an engineer. It is a cleaning procedure for your heating system to remove any dirt, rust, sludge or debris that may have accumulated within your boiler over time.

The aim of a power flush is to improve the heating systems circulation, and in turn, becomes more efficient and ultimately saves you money. It is highly advisable to get a power flush if you are getting your boiler replaced, especially if your heating system is over five years old.

How Long does a Power Flush Take?

Getting your central heating power flushed will take several hours as it is a time consuming process. It may take longer depending on how much sludge there is or if it is a bigger system. Allowing a full day will be enough to get all the work done.

The Benefits of Power Flushing

After a power flush, you will notice the benefits straight away. Here are the top 5 benefits of getting your heating system power flushed:

  • The cleaner flow of hot water can reduce boiler and pipe noises
  • Your heating bills will go down
  • Your house will be warmer
  • Your boiler repairs will be cost-effective
  • Your radiator repairs will also be inexpensive
  • Your boiler water will be cleaner

How Do You Know if You Need a Power Flush? 

Below are 7 warning signs to look out for:

  • A noisy boiler
  • Constant boiler breakdowns
  • Cold spots on your radiators
  • Only the top of your radiator is hot
  • Little or no hot water
  • Dirty water visible when bleeding radiators
  • Your heating system take too long to warm up

It is important to note that even if you are not experiencing any of the problems listed above, there can still be issues with your boiler like a gathering of dust and debris. It is important to have your annual boiler inspection yearly to prevent a need for a powerflush. It is recommended that you get a power flush every 5 years to ensure its durability.

Can Power Flushing Damage Pipes or Cause Leaks?

Powerflushing cleans inside your heating systems so pumps or valves cannot damage them. Their design keeps the pressure stable in your system which makes power flushing highly efficient. Having a power flush is highly efficient. However, if you have an old boiler (15 years or more) it cannot mend broken valves caused by sludge in the system which means a power flush might not work for you.

If you begin to notice any symptoms mentioned above with your boiler, contact us at Origin, and one of our Gas Safe engineers in Glasgow will get a power flush done to avoid more expensive problems to repair or replace.

How to Power Flush Your Central Heating System

Using a powerfush is one way to clean out the sludge from your heating system, another way is to take every radiator off one at a time and flush it yourself.

First of all, turn your heating off and let your radiators cool down before you begin. Cover your floors with towels or sheets to keep them clean for when you get rid of the sludge and dirty water. Next, turn both valves off by twisting it clockwise, use a spanner to help you.

Open the bleed valve to eliminate any air pressure. It is useful to place a bucket underneath to avoid any sludge spillage. Then loosen the nut on the valve and let the dirty water and sludge out of the other side of the radiator. Now that you have drained the radiator, close the bleed valve with your bleed key. Now you have done these steps, you should be able to remove the radiator easily.

We advise you to take the radiator outside near a drain to flush as it can get very messy. Make sure to cover the inlets whilst moving the radiator. Now it’s time to flush the radiator. Attach the hose pipe to the valve inlet and turn the tap on full force for a good flush.

Clean water should be visible flushing through the radiator and with all the sludge with it. Now you can reconnect your radiator and re-tighten the valves. Then check the boiler pressure. The boiler pressure should be between 1 and 1.5. If it is below one you will need to repressurise the system. Now you should be left with a sludge-free radiator, good job!

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