Why Draining Your Worcester Bosch Boiler Is Important?

Even though Worcester bosch boilers are known to be the best-branded boiler you still need to ensure they are taken care of properly. There are 3 essential steps to make sure why you need to drain your boiler.

1.You will need to reduce the risks of your pipes freezing.

Your boiler is going to be turned off for more than 2 months or even 2 weeks as well, so if you want to prevent pipes from freezing you will need to drain your boiler on time.

2.Not cleaning your boiler will increase the risk of water leaks when changing pipeworks or renovating your pipes.

If you want to remove those rusty and unsightly radiators or change your pipeworks, not draining your boiler beforehand can result in a massive flood and damage to your floor and walls.

3.It protects you from paying for expensive boiler repairs and replacements.

The sludge can build up and cause your boiler to fail over time. This is why draining your boiler can eliminate the sludge from your system and keep your boiler in good condition.

Step To Step Guide On How To Drain Your Boiler:

When it comes to draining your boiler here are the key 9 steps on what to do:

1.Unplug your boiler from the mains.

2.Wait 2-3 hours for the water to be able to fully cool down completely.

3.Turn off the water intake valve.

4.Locate the lowest radiator in your home and then try to find the drainage valve, situated on the lowest point.

5.Make sure a hose to the draining valve is well secured so the water exists in your home safely.

6.Open up the valve on top of each of your radiators in your home and wait until there is no more water coming out.

7.Close the bleeding valves and the drainage valve.

8.Locate a braided filling loop underneath your boiler and open it. Then, therefore, let the system repressurise itself to approximately 1 bar. Put the filling loop then back into its place.

9.Therefore the last step is to check for any leaks around the boiler and radiators. If there is none then you have fully accomplished draining your boiler and extended its lifespan.

When Do I Drain My Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler?

Most professional boiler manufacturers will advise you to drain your boiler at least every 6 to 12 months. So doing this will benefit your boiler to get rid of any sediment or any other build-up that collects on the bottom of your hot water tank. As the boiler sludge collects your boiler must work harder which therefore costs more money and a lot more energy is wasted. The best way to do so is to ensure that these issues are performing at regular maintenance which can extend the lifespan to 15 years.

Things To Consider Before You Drain Your Boiler

There is always factors that you have to consider before you drain your boiler such as:

-Before you drain your boiler make sure you are mindful that there is always a risk of leaking after it’s been drained. Sometimes the drain valve won’t close properly after the boiler is drained especially if it’s been sitting for 6 months or longer.

-Always be prepared by getting a cap beforehand just in case it doesn’t close properly. So be ready to put a cap over the valve if needed be. If the valve is made out of plastic you may want to upgrade it completely before turning your water back on.