Gas Safe Engineer

Ensuring you find a gas safe engineer to complete any work you have planned is incredibly important. Having an engineer that holds this qualification means you can ensure your work is carried out as safely as possible. Here at Origin, all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and highly experienced in boiler installation and emergency plumbing.

If you need a Gas Safe Engineer in East Kilbride, Clydebank and all the surrounding Glasgow areas, contact Origin today.

What Is a Gas Safe Engineer?

Gas Safe Register is the official list of businesses that are legally permitted to carry out gas work. Every registered business employs an engineer(s), who is issued with a Gas Safe ID card. Not all engineers are qualified to do all types of gas work. This means that before your engineer begins carrying out your work, you need to check their ID card. All the work they are qualified for will be noted there. You can find our Gas Safe listing on the Gas Safe Register website.

How to Check a Gas Safe Engineer

It is now a law requirement for engineers to be on the Gas Safe register to be able to work on gas appliances. Someone not registered could cause catastrophic harm, and yet according to the Gas Safety Register, one million gas jobs are completed illegally every year. Plumbing work carried on your boiler by an unregistered engineer could result in issues such as carbon monoxide leaks. If left unchecked, carbon monoxide leaks can prove fatal to your family. Therefore it’s vital you use Gas Safe Registered engineers.

How to Check If an Engineer Is Gas Safe Registered

Here at Origin, all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered. You can check this by using the database on the Gas Safe Register website. You can also check if an engineer is Gas Safe Registered by checking their ID photo card upon arrival. You should always request to see this card with an engineer before they do any work on your boiler, to ensure they are safe. If for any reason your engineer can not produce their ID card, make sure you delay the work until they can.

When the card is presented to you, you need to ensure all the details are correct. Check that the correct company and engineer names and photographs are listed. Unscrupulous operators will try to mislead you into believing they are registered by presenting you with a fake card, or a real card containing false information. Therefore, you must check this information carefully.

How to Evaluate a Gas Safe ID Card

Once your engineer presents their ID card, you should immediately look for the Gas Safe security hologram. Fake cards will be unable to replicate this hologram. You should then check that the photograph on the ID card matches the engineer who turned up to the job. Once you have established that the engineer is who they say they are, you should then check the details on the card itself. For example, engineer and company name. Ensure that the card hasn’t expired and that a license number has been embossed on the card.

On the opposite side of the ID card, you will find a list of appliances your engineer is qualified to work on. Some engineers are only qualified for specific appliances. Ensure that your engineer has the qualifications to carry out the work you hired them for. If you do not see your appliance listed, do not go forward with the work. An unsafe engineer can cause serious damage and safety issues in your system.

Here at Origin, all our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and trained to the highest standards. For boiler installation, repairs, or maintenance, contact Origin today.