Unfortunately, boiler breakdowns can be common and are never convenient. There are a range of different components within your system and situations that can cause your boiler to break down. There are also a range of different methods that you can use to prevent system breakdowns and ensure maximum operating efficiency. Here at Origin, our engineers are highly experienced in locating and repairing all types of common boiler issues. Here, we’ll take a look at the most common boiler issues are, and what you can do to help prevent them from happening. 

Annual Servicing

Boilers work hard to keep our homes warm and to make sure they continue to do so efficiently, they need to be maintained. A boiler service every 12 months will ensure your system continues to work as it should. 

During a boiler service, your engineer will check all components of your boiler and if they are operating correctly. This will help to highlight any potential problems before they become an emergency. You will be able to schedule any necessary repairs at your convenience. Often, customers avoid annual servicing on the pretense that they are saving on their energy costs. However, emergency repairs are often a lot more cost demanding. 

All kinds of boilers require annual servicing and here at Origin we are highly experienced in the field. Schedule an appointment at a convenient time and we will attend your property well equipped and ready to complete the service swiftly. 

Common Boiler Issues and solutions 

We’ve outlined some of the most common boiler issues and preventions/solutions below:

  • No Heating or Hot Water 

One of the most common and inconvenient boiler issues is having no heating or hot water. There can be many possible causes for this breakdown so it’s usually best to call out an engineer to find a solution. Start by checking your thermostat. If this isn’t the problem, it could be a broken part. Said broken part will simply need to be replaced to get your boiler back in working order. 

  • Boiler Cutting Out 

Your Boiler may turn on just fine, but cut out during operation. This is usually an issue caused by irregular pressure. Start by checking your pressure gauge, if this is fine then bleeding your radiators can help to alleviate pressure. Always call an engineer for advice on any boiler issues you’re not sure on. 

  • Water Leakage 

A boiler leakage can be caused by a variety of issues and determining the cause can become tricky. It’s important to learn where the water is leaking from.  Usually an internal component of the boiler such as a pressure valve is broken. However, sometimes a leak can come from the tank or pipes due to improper fitting or corrosion. When experiencing a boiler leakage it is important to call out an emergency plumber as soon as possible. This will prevent damage being caused to your home and get your system repaired quickly and efficiently. 

  • Low Boiler Pressure 

A boiler can begin losing pressure for many different reasons. Checking your boiler pressure is quick and easy. Simply look at the built in pressure gauge on your boiler and take the reading. If the needle is below one, this means the pressure is too low and that is why central heating systems are not functioning properly. How to reset your boiler pressure should be explained in your systems manual. However, if you are wary of doing this yourself, call an engineer. 

  • Frozen Pipes 

Frozen pipes are an extremely common boiler issue. Every system has a condensate pipe. This pipe transports acidic water produced as a result of waste gas and usually runs outside into the drain. Depending on the location of the pipe, it can be susceptible to freezing during the winter. Boilers will usually display a warning notification for a frozen pipe.

You can fix this problem yourself by locating the pipe and pouring warm water over it or placing a warm cloth on top. Once the pipe is cleared, you’ll need to reset your boiler so that it starts working again. You should find system rest information in the accompanying manual. As always, if you feel unsafe doing this yourself for any reason, Origin Plumbing and Heating are happy to help. 

  • Burst Pipes 

Burst pipes are one of the most devastating boiler issues. They can be caused by a range of issues such as freezing, water pressure or failure to complete regular maintenance checks. There are a range of methods to prevent burst pipes, such as annual servicing or insulation. At Origin, we are highly experienced in burst pipe repair and are happy to offer any advice on preventing them. 

  • Unusual Boiler Noise 

Your boiler producing a low hum is normal. However, a loud boiler or an unusual sounding boiler could be a sign of a serious problem. Different noises indicate different issues. A whistle or a gurgle usually means that air is trapped inside system pipes or the boiler itself. Bleeding your radiators should solve this issue. If this doesn’t work, it’s best to call an engineer to locate and repair the issue which should fix the noise. 

  • Radiators Not Heating Up 

Built-up sludge or air in the system could prevent your radiators from heating up efficiently. If the top of your radiator remains cold your radiators need bleeding. This process is simple and shouldn’t  require the help of an engineer. If some of your radiators are heating up but others aren’t, they may need balancing. This can be done by adjusting the valves on all of your radiators to make sure they’re receiving enough hot water. 

If neither of these solutions solve your issue, then it’s usually built up sludge in the system preventing the hot water flow. It’s not safe to try and remove this sludge yourself. You’ll need a professional system clean or chemical flush to repair your system. We offer this service at Origin and all of our Gas Safe engineers are more than happy to help. 

  • No Pilot Light 

The small blue flame in your boiler that keeps the burner lit is known as the pilot light. If this keeps going out, then your system will not work efficiently. Usually, the thermocouple is broken and is disrupting the gas supply. If you’re going to attempt to reignite the light yourself, make sure you check the gas supply for issues. There should be advice on reigniting the pilot light in your systems accompanying instructions manual. If there is a gas issue, this is a sign you need to call out an engineer. 

Here at Origin, we’re happy to help with any of your plumbing needs, from burst pipe repair to boiler installation and servicing. Contact us today for any advice or a free quote on your requirements.