You may think to yourself is plumbing hard but there are many reasons to get into the plumbing industry. Read on more today to find out why plumbing is a good career choice for you. Join Origin GPH!

Why Plumbing Is A Good Career

Well, there are many positive reasons why you should get into the plumbing industry. 

Here are a few examples of why someone might choose plumbing as a career. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Good Income Potential – plumbing can be a well-paying profession with many plumbers living in comfortable living conditions.
  2. Job Stability – Well everyone will always need running water and working bathrooms there will always be a need for plumbers.
  3. Continual Learning – the plumbing field is constantly evolving and there is always new technology and techniques emerging. This means that plumbers will have the opportunity to continually learn and improve their skills.
  4. Independence – plumbing is a hands-on profession that allows you to work independently or even work with a group.
  5. Variety Of Work – plumbing includes installation, repair and maintenance of pipe systems, appliances and fixtures that provide water, sewage, and gas. 


Benefits Of Being A Origin Plumber 

We always consider and make sure our employees have the best benefits and are the backbone of our company. We take care of each other by giving incentives such as:

  • Diesel card
  • Expert guidance on the job 
  • Awards and recognition 
  • Paid holidays, birthdays and wellness days
  • Branded clothing 
  • Paid training 
  • Flexible working hours 

How To Become A Plumber?

You can have a plumbing career at Origin with us at any time, apply on our career page!

Although there are certain steps you have to take as well to become a plumber and certain qualifications you need to achieve.

  1. High School Diploma/Equivalent – there are many trade schools and apprenticeship programs requiring a high school diploma or even something very similar.
  2. Find An Apprenticeship Program – you can look for a program that is offered by a trade union, or individual employers. Apprenticeships typically last 4-5 years and they include both on-the-job trading as well as the classroom.
  3. Plumbing License – most areas will require a plumber to be licensed, this involves passing an exam that tests your knowledge about the regulations and codes, as well as getting certified.

Why wait, you can get started with us at Origin today!